Buckt – The ultimate date night decider! 🎁

I recently received my first Buckt subscription. Buckt is the UK’s only tickets and activities subscription box. 


My Initial Thoughts

One of my instant favourite features is the overall size of the product. It is slightly smaller than size A5 notebook. This makes it so much easier for it to be delivered to your house, rather than having to wait or collect it from a pick up point like you may would with a clothes package.


The design of the box is really fab! Its green and white colour theme makes it really appealing and its use of different emoji style images printed all over the product including theatre masks, music notes, a knife and fork, promotes to the customers, the different and variety of activities that are included within the subscription.

I also like how the product name ‘Buckt’ is a single word, which helps makes it more memorable and because its used to abbreviate the term ‘booked’ it establishes  to the customers exactly what this product is.

Opening the Box


When you open up the box, there will be two booklets, which count as a ticket/voucher for you and your plus one to enjoy the activities. The booklets are fantastically designed with information about each activity including opening hours, venue address and postcode, map directions, and instructions on how to book your activities.

2 things to bear in mind:

  • Make sure you have or install WhatsApp – for many of the activities you will be sent your booking confirmation through this, which will then include further instructions on how to book the activities. 
  • Some of the activities requires you to phone up the companies, this may not be ideal for those of you that aren’t confident in communicating via telephone calls.


Participating in Buckt activities

I will be writing separate blogs about the activities that we participate in.


This week me and my boyfriend are planning to check out Serve Bar, a recently opened ping pong bar across the road from Pigeon Park (Colmore Row for non-brummies). I am super excited to check it out. We’re both quite competitive, so I’m sure it is going to be lots of fun!! 

In the meantime, if you follow my Instagram I will be taking photos and videos and adding them onto my Instagram stories, so you can have a look at what the activities are like and potential recommendations for you and your partner, or your friends and families to enjoy!


Buckt subscription boxes are usually £25 per month, but if you order your first subscription right now, with the discount code ‘BELLEPOLLOCK’ you can get 50% off.

1 box + 5 mystery activities for 2 people

= £12.50


(You can’t get a better deal than that!!)


To keep up to date with Buckt or for any further answers you would like to find out, here are the links to their website and social media pages: 








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